Selecting a Suitable Event Tent For an Outdoor Event

Any outdoor event needs some kind of event tent or enclosure to serve as a main hub or provide shelter from weather. The type of event tent to purchase or rent depends greatly on the use. Event tents come in two primary types: pole and frame tents, which require tie-downs and staking; and canopy or pop-up tents where a rigid structure keeps the tent standing.

Pole or frame tents are mostly associated with weddings, large parties and other such events. These types come in large sizes, and can take on the look and feel of a ballroom. The large size, extensive framing and the use of tie-downs necessitate the need for a large number of trained staff to put-up and take down these structures. This is why they are most often rented along with the resources to put it up and take it down.

For promotional events and more regular gatherings by a check guide corporation, university, club or association, a canopy or pop-up tent is most appropriate. These type of tents are more easily transported and generally don’t require large numbers of people to put up. The metal framed scissor-type canopy is one example of this type. To put up this type of structure, one or two people extend the legs outward to its maximum, stretching the covering across the frame for a tight fit. These are very convenient, however the use of a metal frame can make larger models heavy and difficult to transport.

Inflatable event tents are also a popular choice. Instead of a heavy metal structure, inflatables use air pressure in the structural members to make a rigid support system. These systems are easy to set-up as simple inflating it with air is all it takes. One of the issues with this type of system is the bulk and size of the support. The air inflating system required is also substantial due to the air volume and pressure needed to keep the structure standing.

One company, X-Gloo has taken a whole new approach to inflatable tents by incorporating design elements and materials from the extreme sports of paragliding and kiteboarding. These sports use an inflatable rigid sail system that is lightweight but very rigid and durable. Incorporating these materials into inflatable events tents has resulted in a sleek, super lightweight system that can be set-up by a single person using a small manual or electric pump. The light material also makes it easily transportable to just about any location.

The X-Gloo has four main structural pneumatic tubes constructed of very strong and elastic polyurethane (TPU), which when pumped with air forms the rigid base exoskeleton. For aided rigidity and strength, PU treated polyester cloth is stretched over the tubes and over the top of the structure. This forms the overall base. Attached to this via a zipper system are side panels which can fully or partially enclose the tent as desired.

Perhaps the greatest benefit of the X-Gloo system is the vibrant colors and printing that can be added to the product. Inflatable event tents are designed to attract attention and get noticed. The polyester cloth comes in many colors and can be printed with any type of lettering, logo or design. The large igloo-like structure makes an ideal canvas for branding and messaging.

To see all the latest X-Gloo designs, visit their website or better yet, checkout X-Gloo on Facebook to get updates and see how others have incorporated X-Gloo inflatable tent system into their events.

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